Because your nightmares aren’t scary enough…


Home from the hospital!

Will made a trip to the ER earlier this week.  Nothing serious, and nothing nearly as painful as what awaited him… FAQ Part 2

Holly’s back with a new installment in our video FAQ:

Hello, boys…

SNL Nails it with Star Wars Trailer Parody

Having been born in 1973, I was raised on two things: Star Wars and Saturday Night Live.  My childhood is a blur of catch phrases ranging from “May the force be with you” and “I have a bad feeling about this” to “I must say” and “Well isn’t that

Murray (hic!) Crizmuss…’s Video FAQ

FrankenFunny’s fearless leader dishes on what FrankenFunny is all about (and what it’s not). This is part one of (total parts yet to be determined).  If you have a question, send it our way and we’ll make a video to answer it.  We’ll even try to make

Go Elf Yourself (Part 2)

Cookie and Cupcake are back for more elfing ridiculousness.

FrankenFunny on Social Media

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The Ladies of “Go Elf Yourself”

Wanna learn more about Cookie and Cupcake?